Expanding clinical trials is an important strategy for many hospitals and it requires support from across the organization and in many cases, between entities such as a Medical School and an Academic Medical Center, or across a consortium. SVH can help organizations assess their programs and offer recommendations to strengthen.

Enterprise-wide clinical trial business and operations plans

Low accrual to trials across the country is slowing scientific advances. To have a strong clinical trials program, Academic Medical Centers (AMCs) and community hospitals need an efficient clinical trial infrastructure and a clinical culture that supports physician time to participate in research. Organizations often have the functions that support clinical trials fragmented across the organization without an “orchestra-leader” with the authority to pull it all together for a high-performing operation. We have the expertise to assess clinical trial programs, engage staff who operate in silos to elicit their support for improving processes, make recommendations to improve their efficiency, and the experience to support the development of clinical trial partnerships between AMCs and community hospitals.

Outsourcing/partnership strategies for research support services

It is challenging to build or strengthen the infrastructure for supporting clinical trials, and many organizations have inefficient processes. New companies have entered the market and they bring staff and technology expertise at scale that hospitals don’t have access to. We can support hospitals in making a build-or-buy assessment of the best way to strengthen their infrastructure.

Clinical trial partnerships with academic medical centers and research institutes

AMCs and research institutes are offering initiatives to support clinical trials in community hospitals. Community hospitals are also looking to expand access to trials for their patients. These relationships are not easy to establish and are often not very productive in achieving significant expansion of accrual. We have experience in structuring these relationships so all benefit – especially the patients.

“SVH was invaluable in bringing their experience from across the country to our clinical trials program which, like many, was very siloed with functions across the organization that were not working like one team. They were very skilled at engaging the players, who were at all levels, and making all feel valued to create a stronger whole. From this work, they supported our consortium clinical trial relationships with the same approach so we now have a much more efficient operation overall which is appreciated by our physicians….and bringing more options for our patients.”

~ Vice President, Health System Cancer Program