SVH can help your organization develop strategies to engage more effectively with diverse populations in your community and to support organizational Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) health goals. We will assist your organization with developing the appropriate plans, partnerships and outreach.

Community engagement plans

We will meet with internal and external stakeholders in your hospital and community to understand the current state of programs and activities and the different perspectives. Then, we will work to develop a plan that will draw upon the use of evidence-based strategies for engagement, identify the needed resources and expertise, and propose ways to assess progress.

Hospital/community partnerships

We will assess current hospital and community partnerships and their effectiveness in meeting goals. We then make recommendations on ways to strengthen partnerships as bi-directional efforts. We also make recommendations on new partnerships that might be needed to support health goals and priorities for the community.

Housing and healthcare partnerships

There are opportunities to link housing providers with health and social services programs to provide more stability and to support quality of life for residents. These relationships can also advance health systems’ population health goals. We have experience working with housing providers, especially affordable housing providers and those serving seniors, to assess health and social services needs and to identify community resources and partnership models to address the needs.

“Donna O’Brien’s support as a long-term advisor to our 55 building affordable housing program has enabled us to create innovative approaches and partnerships to bring needed services to our residents and the community. She has always recognized the need to connect housing with health, social services and education programs for youth, and applied her skills facilitating win/win partnerships to these efforts.”

~ President, Housing Corporation