Strategies and plans must be attainable for the organization to be able to realize their goals. SVH is known for creating plans with a high degree of implementation success because we effectively engage stakeholders and refine the recommendations to be actionable. We are often engaged to provide implementation support so the momentum to drive change is not lost.

Implementation support for driving change

When a strategic plan is completed, expectations are high for implementation. We build relationships during our planning work that enable us to easily support the early stages of implementation. Our clients also often engage us to do a one-year check-in to track progress.

Healthcare organization and operations improvement

Strategies often require operations improvement. We bring our executive level experience in hospital and health system operations to our strategy work. This experience enables us to develop recommendations that reflect an understanding of the implications on operations, and allows us to create highly effective implementation plans.

Retreat facilitation

Our approach to facilitating retreats engages stakeholders to become agents of change. We invest considerable time in planning the retreats, and we structure them to be a highly efficient use of people’s valuable time. As a result we have high participation rates, especially with physicians, and we are asked to run many follow-up retreats for organizations.

“The unique strength of SVH is their deep bench of consultants with decades of experience in both formulating high-level strategy and seeing it through to success with focused implementation.”

~ Physician Director, Cancer Institute